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Broken Link Fixing: A Guide

by | Apr 13, 2024 | SEO Strategy | 0 comments

Don’t let broken links hurt your Subfloor Preparation Company website’s SEO and user experience! Learn how to find and fix broken links quickly and effectively.

1.1. What are Broken Links?

Imagine you’re surfing the web, all peppy and excited to learn more about subfloor prep! But then you click a link, and… poof! It leads nowhere. Those, my friend, are broken links – little roadblocks on your website adventure. They might seem tiny, but fixing them is a super important part of conquering the digital realm with the power of SEO! ✨

1.2. How Do Broken Links Happen on a Website?

Even the most amazing subfloor prep company website can have a rogue broken link here and there. Sometimes, it’s like a game of telephone – a product page gets a snazzy new name, or an industry association website changes its address. Whoops! Suddenly, your link leads to a big, fat “Error 404” page. Other culprits could be old blog posts linking to discontinued products, or even typos sneaking into the URL.

1.3. The Negative Impact of Broken Links on Your Website

Okay, so broken links might not seem like a huge deal at first. But here’s the thing: they can actually hurt your website in two big ways! First, there’s this amazing thing called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which basically helps your website climb the ranks on Google and be seen by all the potential customers who need their subfloors prepped to perfection. But broken links can confuse search engines, making them think your website isn’t very well-maintained. This can lead to a lower ranking, which means fewer people find your awesome subfloor prep services.

Second, broken links can be a real bummer for website visitors. Imagine clicking on a link that promises amazing tips for DIY subfloor prep, only to end up staring at a dead end! This can make users frustrated and hurt your brand reputation. You want people to think of your company as the bubbly, helpful expert in subfloor prep, not the one with the website that leads to nowhere. So, let’s banish those broken links and make your website a delightful user experience for everyone!

2.1. Manual Methods for Finding Broken Links

Sure, you could totally become a website detective and click through every single page on your subfloor prep website, hunting down broken links one by one. It’d be like a fun (but maybe a little tiring) scavenger hunt! The problem is, websites can get big and complex, and it’s easy to miss sneaky broken links hiding in the corners. Plus, who wants to spend hours clicking when there are much faster, easier ways to find those pesky buggers?

2.2. Free Online Broken Link Checking Tools

The internet is full of awesome, free tools that are like magic wands for finding broken links! Some popular ones are [mention popular free broken link checking tool 1] and [mention popular free broken link checking tool 2]. These tools scan your website like a super-powered microscope and show you a list of any broken links they find. It’s like having a team of tiny robot helpers doing all the hard work for you! ✨

2.3. Paid SEO Audit Tools with Broken Link Checking Features

For websites with tons of pages or a super complex structure, there are also paid SEO audit tools that offer even more features, including broken link checking. These tools are like all-in-one website super-boosters, helping you identify not just broken links, but also other areas for improvement. But for most subfloor prep companies, the free tools are a fantastic place to start!

2.4. Using Google Search Console for Broken Link Detection

Google Search Console is another free tool from, well, Google! It helps you see how well your website is doing in search results. While it doesn’t directly show you broken links, it can sometimes flag “crawl errors” which might indicate broken links on your site. Think of it as a friendly heads-up from Google that something might need your attention!

3.1. Tools and Techniques for Fixing Broken Links

Once you’ve found those pesky broken links with your awesome free tool, it’s time to unleash your inner website whiz and fix them up! Most broken link checking tools let you easily export a list of all the broken links they found. Think of it like a battle plan – each link is a little challenge you’re going to conquer! Then, you can use your website editing tools (like your CMS, which sounds super fancy but is probably way easier than it sounds!) to update the links one by one. It’s like giving your website a fresh coat of paint, making everything sparkly and new!

3.2. Fixing Different Types of Broken Links

There are a few different types of broken links you might encounter, but don’t worry, they’re all pretty easy to fix! First up are internal links, which are like little pathways connecting different pages on your website. Maybe an old blog post linked to a “Services” page that got a snazzy makeover and moved to a new location. All you have to do is update the link to point to the new, improved “Services” page. Voila! Broken link fixed, happy website!

External links are those that lead visitors to other websites, like an industry association page or a blog post you referenced. If the external page still exists, you can just update the URL to make sure it leads to the right place. But sometimes, websites move or disappear altogether. In that case, you can either remove the link entirely or replace it with a link to a different, relevant website. Think of it like finding a new friend for your website – someone just as awesome as the one who disappeared!

Finally, there are these things called 301 redirects, which sound super technical but are actually pretty cool. Imagine you wrote an amazing blog post about subfloor prep tips, but then you realized it would fit better under a different category. You can set up a 301 redirect so that anyone who clicks on the old link for your blog post automatically gets taken to the new location. It’s like putting up a cute little sign that says “This awesome post moved here!”

3.3. Prioritizing Broken Link Fixes

With a big list of broken links, it might feel overwhelming at first. But don’t worry! Focus on fixing the most important ones first. Internal links and links on high-traffic pages (the ones that get a lot of visitors) should be your top priority. These are the ones that will have the biggest impact on your website’s SEO and user experience. You can tackle the rest of the broken links at your own pace, one happy fix at a time! Remember, even small improvements add up to a website that shines!

4.1. How Often Should I Check for Broken Links?

Just like keeping your subfloor prep tools sparkly clean, it’s a good idea to check for broken links on your website every few months. Think of it as a regular website checkup! This is especially important after you make any changes to your website, like adding new pages or updating old ones. That way, you can catch any sneaky broken links before they cause any trouble.

4.2. Can Broken Links Be Prevented?

There are some super clever tricks you can use to prevent broken links from happening in the first place! For internal links, using “relative paths” is like giving them a special code that adjusts automatically if your website structure changes. And for external links, always double-check the URL before you publish anything. A little bit of planning goes a long way in keeping your website happy and healthy!

4.3. What if I Don’t Have Time to Fix Broken Links Myself?

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of fixing broken links? No worries! There are awesome web developers and SEO specialists out there who are basically website superheroes. They can swoop in and fix all those broken links for you, freeing you up to focus on the amazing subfloor prep work you do!

4.4. Will Fixing Broken Links Improve My Website Ranking Immediately?

Fixing broken links is like giving your website a little boost in the SEO race. It might not take you to the finish line instantly, but it definitely helps you move in the right direction! Think of it as one step in your ongoing SEO journey. Over time, with consistent effort, you’ll see your website ranking climb higher and higher, attracting all those potential customers who need their subfloors prepped to perfection! ✨

Until next time, may your website sparkle with the magic of SEO!

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